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Our money pots are made from 11oz white gloss ceramic and come with a white removable rubber bung at its base.


For our pre-made designs, visit our website and Etsy shop below:





We ship all our money pots in a double walled cardboard box to ensure the product is snug and safe for shipping. We include a business card with each sale and greatly appreciate any follows on our social media and Etsy shop. This will help keep you up to date with our latest offers and releases.


How it’s made! Quick fact:


To put it simply, our items are made using extreme heat and pressure alongside special inks and paper. The ink goes from a solid to a gas without the liquid stage, then back to a solid to bond to the item. This process allows us to professionally and permanently apply an image into (not onto) the surface of the item. This ensures a long lasting strong product.


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